Guest of the comic book festival: Jacques Lerouge

Organized by La Bande à BD, the comic strip festival will be held from March 27 to April 25 in Les Essarts. We will introduce you to the guests of this edition. Today, Lerouge.

It was in 1955, in Rabat, Morocco, that Jacques Lerouge made his voice heard for the first time. Since then, he has not stopped, making every weapon, the cartoon (La Vie des Plantes by Jean-Marie Pely), the press cartoon, children’s books, humor and comics, jokes, riddles, games. On the comic book side, he works in various magazines: Fluide glacial, Psikopat, Hara-Kiri, La gros bertha, Satiricon, Thirty millions of friends, Téléstar games, Mickey … collection of press cartoons “Rare Blue or to point!” published by Isoëte. He also produced various children’s albums with Nathan, Hachette, Gallimard, Circonflexe, Zarafa, Fleurus, Berger-Levrault, etc… For the À funnel editions he produced “Les Aventures du Baron de Münchhausen”, Un pour tous, tout quatrain “(collective with Lamorthe and Pichon on texts by Jean-Marc Couvé),” Le Gros Noël Integrale “,” La scopa “with F’murrr. But beware, Lerouge also makes music, songs and kitchen!

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