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A photo of Gundam posing in the living room. This photo posted on Twitter is not a big Gundam object or Gunpla … but a handmade “Gundam costume”!

In addition to being handmade, what is amazing is its high quality. I feel the realism in the details of every part. Despite the report tweet that it is in the middle of production, it has received a lot of attention, such as 28,000 likes.

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The post was made by cosplayer Kuroboushi (@zgokzogok). Mr. Kuroboshi mainly makes his own robot cosplay costumes such as mobile suits of the Mobile Suit Gundam series, and they are shown at cosplay events.

This guy ... it works!Surprised voice at Gundam cosplay whose quality is too high

Kuroboshi started this Gundam costume in November of last year. I’ve been working hard on weekends and long vacations when I’m off work.

Gundam head in the middle of productionColored with a cutting sheet

Styrene board used for models etc. is used as the material, and a cutting sheet is pasted on it to color it, so it is not painted.

Cardboard is used for parts that require strength, rotating discs and hinges are installed in the moving parts, and small lights are attached to the sensor parts.

Originally, this Gundam costume was produced as an exhibition work for an event called “Super Robot Cosplay Exhibition” scheduled to be held on August 14, but the venue scheduled to be held was the new corona virus. The event has been postponed indefinitely due to the large-scale intake of the vaccine.

The reason why he chose Gundam for costume production is that he thought that even those who are not familiar with robot animation would be pleased with the participation in the event.

“Although it was a tweet that looked like it was tried on this time, a great many people saw it, and I felt once again the name and influence of Gundam.”

Even so, the more I see it, the better it looks …! From now on, in addition to the parts to be created such as shields and sabers, we will pay more attention to markings and details, and it seems that it will be completed in about two months.

“The goal is to bring the life-sized Gundam that stood in Odaiba until 2017 to a human-sized quality,” he said with enthusiasm for completion.

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