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Riho Yoshioka, Tomoya Nakamura, Tasuku Emoto, Machiko Ono and others have gathered together to make a movie of Mizuki Tsujimura’s popular novel, “Anime Supremacy!” 』. A special video that contains the emotional comments of the audience and the heart-warming scene of the main story, with acclaimed comments and repeaters from SNS appearing on the back side of animation production that normally does not appear and the hot drama that is born there. Has been lifted.

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A series of acclaimed comments from the audience every day on SNS, and there are also a series of repeaters who have already watched it multiple times even though it is currently in the second week of its release. “The best” hegemony “movie in the first half of the year” “The No. 1 live-action Japanese movie of this year is unwavering” “The best work-related movie in my life” “Good work according to the reputation! “Two hours of piercing people” “Major casts are the most addictive roles in the history of each career” “The high quality of the animation in the movie made me feel a bird’s-eye” “Not only the animation but also the entertainment experience so far There are also voices that raise it as the best movie of the year, such as “It came all at once.”

It seems that new audiences who watched the movie are spreading word-of-mouth, triggered by comments that do not cool down, and put their heart and soul into making animation.The main character, Hitomi (Mr. Yoshioka) talks in the play, “Stabbed, in someone’s chest.”As you can see, the appeal of this work has begun to “stick” to many spectators.

In the video that was lifted, I watched this movie at the movie theater to talk about frank and heart-warming feelings while moistening my eyes, such as “I’m still crying” and “I can feel the love for the work very much”. Audiences just.

In addition, the scene where the main character’s new animation director Hitomi strongly appeals, “Do you know how proud you are just by remembering (my name)?”, Hitomi and “Hegemony” The highlights of the movie, such as the scene where the fighting genius director Prince (Mr. Nakamura) fights against the pain of birth, saying “I have to do it just like biting”, and one scene of the animation in the play that each director deals with The scene that becomes is cut out. Everyone will sympathize with the passion of the protagonists for their work and manufacturing.

“Haken Anime! Is open to the public nationwide.

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