Han Su-yeon joins Teabing’s original ‘The King of Pigs’ Kim Dong-wook’s wife ‘Park Min-ju’… “I’m happy to be part of the drama”

Actress Han Su-yeon has finally joined Teabing’s original ‘The King of Pigs’.

Teabing’s original ‘The King of Pigs’ (played by Tak Jae-young/directed by Kim Dae-jin/produced by Hidden Sequence, Studio Dragon, provided by TVING) is a ‘memory of violence’ due to a mysterious serial murder that started with a message from a friend 20 years ago. A drama that tells the story of those who came out. ‘The King of Pigs’, a feature-length animated film with the same name as the original, has already been recognized for its workability through numerous film festivals, including the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, raising expectations for the drama.

In the drama, Han Soo-yeon takes on the role of Park Min-joo (Han Su-yeon), the wife of Hwang Kyung-min (Kim Dong-wook). Han Soo-yeon will play the character’s various emotions in detail and increase the tension and completeness of the play.

Photo courtesy of Steit Entertainment.

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Photo courtesy of Steit Entertainment.

Han Su-yeon said, “I really enjoyed the original work, and I’m happy to be participating as a character in the drama. I am looking forward to working with a wonderful director, staff, and good actors. I will do my best to act so that the emotions I feel can be conveyed to the viewers.”

Han Su-yeon made her debut in 2006 with the movie ‘The Quiet World’ and has since appeared in movies ‘Raising the Moonlight’, ‘The Arrest King’, ‘The Wicked Is Alive’, ‘Spying’, ‘The King’, ‘Casenta’, and the drama KBS ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’. ‘, ‘I don’t want to go to work’, tvN’s ‘Love that makes sense’, ‘Flower of Evil’, MBC ‘Medal Oh Soon-nam’, SBS ‘Dear Judge’, KBS ‘If I cheat on you, I die’. The show caught the attention of the audience. Recently, he has been active as an actor, including announcing the news of joining the movie ‘Hwapyeong Spot’.

In this drama, Han Soo-yeon, who plays any role as her own character, is curious to see what kind of image she will come to viewers in this drama.

Meanwhile, ‘The King of Pigs’, which boasts a more solid lineup with Han Su-yeon’s appearance, has confirmed the appearances of actors Kim Dong-wook, Kim Seong-gyu, and Chae Jung-an, and is scheduled to be released exclusively on Teabing.

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