Hawks like Spider-Man in this fun meme cosplay

Hawks is one of the newest heroes introduced in My Hero Academia. Unlike top personalities like All Might, Endeavor and Best Jeanist, Hawks is also very young yet he sits on the podium of Japan’s strongest heroes. He has had plenty of moments to show off, most notably as the flamboyant hero’s sidekick.

At the end of the fourth season of My Hero Academia he inevitably got many fans who started impersonating him at home and at various fairs. The winged hero is then also back in the film My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission even if not with a very prominent role. This further expanded the character’s fanbase and a nice little hiccup that turned into something much more fun.

At the AnimeNYC2021 held a few weeks ago in the United States of America, some fans who prepared Hawks cosplay met at the fair. The result? A Spider-Man meme version Hawks cosplay series, where everyone points their fingers in a circle. On social media, the images – also available at the bottom of the tweet – have become discreetly followed thanks to their nice situation.

Returning to more serious cosplay, two Russian fans came up with a Hawks and Mirko cosplay as students.

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