He announced the anime movie Lord of the Rings, The War of the Rohirrim

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Karl Urban in the Lord of the Rings: He plays Rohan Éomer in the helmet of the two towers.

Karl Urban as Eomer in the two towers.
picture: New Line cinema

While Amazonok forthcoming Lord of the Rings The series has been a hot topic of conversation for some time, the future of JRR Tolkien’s franchise has never been tied to it. one new project. Get ready for something big: an anime movie set in Rohan was called The Lord of the Rings: The Rohirrim War.

Warner Bros. Animation and New Line Cinema have just released Kenji Kamiyama’s new anime-inspired feature film (Ultraman, Ghost in the shell SAC_2045) who venture deep into the Helm and focus on the lives of Helm Hammerhand, the legendary king of Rohan. Scramble The Rohirrim War it will function as a stand-alone story, described by the studios as a “companion” to Peter Jackson’s Jackson Lord of the Rings A trilogy sharing stylistic elements that has narrative connections that fans of Tolkien’s books are sure to pick up. “This is another epic depiction of JRR Tolkien’s never-told world,” said Sam Register, chief animator at Warner Bros. “It’s an honor for us to work with the many incredible talents behind both film trilogues, new creative lighting fixtures, to tell this story. And that’s how it starts. “

Lord of the Rings: The title card of the Rohirrim War.

Lord of the Rings: The title card of the Rohirrim War.
picture: New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. animation

According to the statement, the animation will be taken over by Sola Entertainment. Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews (The dark crystal: the age of resistance) added the script for the new film, and Philippa Boyenswho was part of it A Rin urag is A hobbita group of authors signed up for advice on the new project. While there is currently no news about the casting process or the start of production, New Line and Warner Bros. say it will be “fast on the big screen,” which means we won’t have to take too long to find out more about what to expect.

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