here are the photos of Fabibi

The phenomenon of cosplay allows many fans to range between anime, manga, video games, cinema and TV series in order to reproduce their favorite characters in reality. There is no limit to this passion, while in recent years the phenomenon of professional cosplay has become more and more.

The Chilean Fabibi she is one of the models who chose this path. We have often seen her devote herself to the world of anime, especially with Dragon Ball as we saw in Videl’s cosplay that quickly went viral. But obviously the Chilean girl focuses on the whole nerd spectrum, also advancing in the world of video games and comics.

After bringing Marvel’s Black Cat with an exuberant cosplay, this time she goes to the competing publishing house, the DC Comics. The triad of DC formed by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is in fact very famous and for this reason Fabibi has focused on the woman of the group.

Below we can see the Wonder Woman cosplay made by Fabibi, which quickly went viral despite still short online exposure. Armor, sword and shield reflect the beauty of the Amazon, who poses in the second available photo. In just over 24 hours, this Instagram post almost reached 30,000 likes.

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