here is an incredible cosplay of Guido Mista!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind introduced Giovanna, leader of the Passion band, among the protagonists of the Joestar family. One of the most beloved protagonists of the series set in our Italy is Guido Mista!

Although Mista will not be part of the sixth season, certainly has an important role in the spin-off “Purple Haze Feedback”, where he entrusts his friend Fugo with a mission to prove his loyalty to Giorno and the new gang. There is still no news on a possible animated adaptation of this spin-off, but in a few days the series So Spoke Rohan Kishibe, the mangaka famous for his part in the fourth season set in Morioh Cho, will arrive on Netflix.

A Reddit user shared this non-transferable Tik Tok from user ZZTop113 where we see a cosplayer who is identical to Giorno’s right arm, Mixed.

In the fifth season, Mista is one of the lucky few to survive the massacre of Devil and his mighty King Crimson booth. The last time fans saw Mista in the anime, he was at the side of Giorno as one of the most important members of the Passion, along with Season 3’s Polnareff in a very interesting form.

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