here she is hunting for water pokémon

Misty is the ultimate water pokémon trainer. The gym he runs when his sisters are away for trips around the world is renowned for its water-themed challenges. Ash found out right away, as this was one of the first gyms on his long journey as a trainer in Pokémon.

It was also one of the longest-lived heroines of Pokémon, before being replaced by Vera on the trip to Hoenn. Even today, however, she has few rivals among the trainers and trainers who have followed Ash in various regions of the world. Every Pokémon anime Misty makes an appearance, although it is rarely introduced by now.

But they don’t forget her in the fandom, with cosplayers often featuring the character in their photos. The latest in chronological order was Sailor Virgo who, despite the name inspired by Sailor Moon, launched a Misty cosplay at the beach, with a more adult appeal but with the classic dress we saw her wearing throughout the first Pokémon series. Accompanied by a Lapras-shaped life buoy, she is ready to capture other water pokémon, while at a distance you can see the silhouettes of some very familiar flying creatures.

In the Pokémon anime, Dawn returned instead, honored by a cosplay.

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