Hezelith (KAIJU) – What a message

Written, composed and arranged by Hezelith & Ram Products and directed by Hezelith & Ram www.hezelith.com

[中文歌词/ English translation]

I don’t know how to let you know that although writing is my strong point and my friendship with Santa Claus may not go where you are, it’s okay .. I pick up the green crayons and think about your smile. The lights were bright and the eyes were tired and even you .. I can’t paint my smile where you are now, where I’m not alone, I’m afraid alone as long as you don’t bother, I’ll rule the reindeer on the orchard Road to seek your face I do not know how to let you know Even though I am good at writing letters But good relationship with Santa does not mean something If I do not know where you are. I will pick up my green pencil and think of your smile. Under the beautiful lights, my eyes don’t work I can’t seem to draw your smile. Where you are, where you are now I am not alone, just afraid that you are If you do not mind, I will be with my queen on Orchard Road looking for you.

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