Hideo Kojima wanted to invite Mamuro Oshii, the author of the anime Ghost in the Armor, to Death Stranding

Death Stranding author Hideo Kojima revealed during the Brain Structure podcast that he planned to add Ghost in the Shell director Mamuro Oshii to the game.

What else is known

Oshii had to come to the set of Kojima Productions to go through the 3D scanning process. Unfortunately, Oshii suffered a broken bone and couldn’t come, as a result he didn’t get into the game. Kojima did not specify who exactly Mamuro was supposed to play, but most likely, the director was supposed to get a cameo when the game’s protagonist Sam Bridges (Sam Bridges) was supposed to deliver cargo to him.

Despite this, many stellar figures have gathered in the game, especially the project is rich in Hollywood actors: Norman Reedus, Troy Baker, Mads Mikkelsen and others can be found in Death Stranding.

For those who are not in the know

Death Stranding is also included with the PS Plus Extra subscription, if you’re curious about what other games are out there, we’ve got “From Prey to Stray: 10 PlayStation Plus Extra games you must play” for you.

Source: thegamer

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