Hikaru Aoyama Releases Another Cut of Fetish “Cyber ​​Cat” Cosplay (June 23, 2021) –Excite News

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[Photo]Hikaru Aoyama, a fetish-filled “cyber cat” cosplay

“Weekly Young Jump” No. 29 (Shueisha) released on June 17 is a gathering of 18 talents belonging to the entertainment agency “Zeroichi Familia”, and the cover, volume, and end of the book are all jacked.

This time, an interview with gravure idol Hikaru Aoyama and another cut have arrived, so I will introduce them below.

Hikaru Aoyama (c) Tomoki Kuwajima / Takeshi Okamoto / Weekly Young Jump Image 2/3
[Interview with Hikaru Aoyama]
■ Congratulations on the publication of the “Weekly Young Jump” Zeroichi Jack issue!
Thank you!I didn’t really think that the day would come when I could publish it in Young Jump.
I’m really happy! !! !! !! It was one of the goals of gravure!
thank you very much.
Since I shot one by one, there are solo cuts and various themes are scattered around! Please guess what kind of theme each one is.Lol

■ Please tell us the episode in the shooting
The red and white costumes have quite different characteristics.
I think it’s fun to compare! !!
Everyone is fighting on their own, but for some reason the Beni-gumi is weak (you can see if you look at it) lol
The stylist made the unique costume from scratch with the theme of cyber cats!
It is a costume full of fetishes such as harnesses in shiny swimsuits! !!
The side milk looks the best, and the pattern of Katyusha was handwritten by the stylist with magic.
“Zeroichi” is written on both ears, so I would like you to pay attention to that as well!


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