Himiko Toga comes to life in a spectacular My Hero Academy cosplay

In the anime My Hero Academia the idea of ​​having a specialized school to train superheroes, and this is due to the great amount of villains present. One of those antagonists is the little Himiko Toga.

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This villain belongs to the honorary members of League of Villains and is affiliated with Vanguard Action Squad. Said character has had his debut on the school trip and shortly after shows part of his power in the exam of provisional hero license and internships.

Being so popular within anime, one of its thousands of fans has made a Himiko Toga cosplay simply brutal. It will blow you away!

Himiko Toga by Aurisuna (kalisiacos) from BokuNoHeroAcademia

You have been able to see this work of art thanks to an anime follower known by the name of kalisiacos, who has shared on Reddit the photography of professional cosplayer Aurisuna from Instagram.

The picture shows the blonde hair, short and quite disheveled similar to the original version. In turn, he wears a iconic white and blue schoolgirl outfit with the classic red bow at the neck, and as an extra touch the cosplayer holds with both hands a fairly large and sharp knife. If you liked this representation, surely you will appreciate another My Hero Academia cosplay that will not leave you indifferent.

How did you like Himiko Toga cosplay?

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