Himiko Toga prepares with an amazing Blood Raven cosplay

After the school phase for the students of My Hero Academia, it is time to do new training in the field. While Deku, Todoroki and Bakugo have entered into collaboration with the agency of Endeavor, Uraraka and Tsuyu will be the protagonists of the next episode of My Hero Academia, the 16 of the fifth season.

Once this phase has been archived, however, it will be the turn of a narrative arc very different from the usual. Named “My Villain Academia”, from the name it is understood that the villains of My Hero Academia will be the main protagonists. And among these, of course, there is also Himiko Toga, the murderous high school student who will then return to show herself after a long absence from the screens.

The Blood Raven cosplayer, who we have already shown you in the past with her cosplay of Power from Chainsaw Man, has decided to pay homage to the character in his phase of My Villain Academia taking inspiration from a page designed by Kohei Horikoshi. The cosplay di Himiko Toga da My Hero Academia is therefore particularly faithful to that image, where the high school student has a very wide smile and is surrounded by chains and purple neon.

Other photos, on the other hand, leave room for her assassin costume and the urban landscape in which she fell perfectly. A Himiko Toga cosplay really great and showing multiple faces of the same character.

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