Hiring Funnyflux-Recruitment of animation animators

This information is Funny FluxBased on the data provided by Job Korea, it was completed by editing and revising the expression method. This information cannot be reproduced, redistributed, or reprocessed without the consent of Job Korea, and the information of the hiring companies and hiring managers posted can not be used for purposes other than job search. Job Korea is not responsible for any errors in the data posted by Funnyflux Co., Ltd. and any actions taken by users in trust.

Registration date: 2021-02-05 17:16
Last Modified Date: 2021-02-05 17:16

Information and Communication Network Act50articleAccordingly, the contact information of the person in charge of personnel should be used only for the purpose of this job posting, and no one should send or contact advertising information by e-mail or other means without prior consent.

Information and Communication Network Act50Jo (Restrictions on the transmission of advertising information for commercial purposes)
Anyone can use e-mail or other media prescribed by Presidential Decree to express
Advertising information for commercial purposes that is contrary to the refusal to receive information shall not be transmitted.
In case of violation 3A fine of less than 10 million won is imposed.


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