Hisoka woman; this is the incredible cosplay of the ‘villain’ from Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter“It is one of those works of which you don’t know if you will ever see the end… although the truth is that it looks complicated. At least, at the anime level, there is a story that many see ‘acceptably’ closed, although this does not mean that it is forgotten and locked in a drawer. In fact, a cosplayer has shared some incredible images of her outfit through which turn Hisoka into a woman.

Hisoka woman in a perfect Hunter x Hunter cosplay

Although characters like Gon and Killua get the most benefit from the fluid narrative of “Hunter x Hunter”, Hisoka is a character who simply because of its design and ambiguity it is already incredibly interesting. In addition, if its bright colors and styling work as a male character, the truth is that as a female they do not look bad either:

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