Historically accurate bell. Now I have a lot of respect for costume designers.

Historically accurate bell. Now I have a lot of respect for costume designers. It is not easy. So I understand the reasons for choosing live-action beauty and the beast. I know the actress didn’t want a corset and they wanted to give it a modern feel. It’s cool. But the blue dress of the bell. Did we recognize her? Okay. But did she look like a modern girl at the heart of a cottage that shopped a lot in anthropology? Okay. Don’t start with a yellow dress that matches Quinceañera. 😆 But when I started my research to find out how to make it historically accurate, I had to choose a period. The film will be screened in the French countryside at some point in the late 1700s. So I thought of the 1780s. It was a time when panniers, their basket skirts, were obsolete. When Belle’s dress restrictions are relaxed and the hem line rises to help her become an active heroine. Yes, this is incredible and I think it’s pretty, so I kept the look of the corset. Also, I put curls on her hair. This time was about big hair and curls. Bell isn’t the type of girl who spends hours trimming her hair, but the messy chunks of curls pulled back are still accurate at the time. She’s a little town girl and she’s not very interested in fashion, so she kept the design and fabrics simple. Also, her face is pale. I gave her a make-up similar to a Kpop star. To give the feel of the rosy cheeks and painted lips of the time, without making it look like a clown. This was common in women with white powder on their face and hair. it was fun! #beautyandthebeast #belle #emmawatson #design #costumedesign #costume #polymer #historicalcostuming #art #drawing #disney #disneyprincess #illustration #liveaction #princess #dress #pretty #disneypolymer #historicalpolymer #princessdress #princesscore #royalcore

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