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Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) office, Hololive Production’s different world creation project “Holo Live AlternativeThe second animation PV of “” has been released. The game under development “Hollow Earth]Information was also lifted at once.

In the special program “Holo Earth TV” that was distributed immediately after the release of the animation PV, materials such as game screens and avatar characters are also released.

[12 images]A new world view expanded by Hololive

The 2nd animation PV of “Holo Live Alternative” which was a masterpiece

“Hololive Alternative” is a different world creation project that depicts the activities of the talents belonging to the VTuber group Hololive in another world.

On June 11th, the anime PV (2nd) was premiered on YouTube for the first time in about a year. Many talents such as Hoshimachi Suisei, AZKi, Mori Calliope, and Gawr Gura, who did not appear in the first animation PV, are expressed in lively animation.

Hoshimachi Suisei / Image from 2nd teaser PV

AZKi / Image from 2nd teaser PV

Mori Calliope / Image from 2nd teaser PV

Gura-san / Image from 2nd teaser PV

The animation director has served as an animation director for the animation “Aikatsu Friends!” Series.Takahiro OkawaMr. Miss.

Served as a general animation directorYukei YamadaWas in charge of character design / animation director in the first anime PV.

“Holo Earth” whose information was released at once

“Holo Earth” key visual

The game “Holo Earth” is a work that follows the world view of “Holo Live Alternative”.

In the special program “Holo Earth TV” that was delivered after the release of the animation PV,Masaru SakamotoWith (TRIGGER)The bottle of YuedouThe key visual by Mr. is released. In addition, avatar concept design, character visual, etc. have been clarified.

The first concept movie that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the game has also been released, and the official website has also been opened. The follow-up report will be reported from the official website thereafter.

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