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Angelica Gardani, 33, is an Italian photographer who has collaborated, and still collaborates, with numerous cosplayers, including internationally renowned ones.

In your profession, how did you manage to approach the world of cosplay?

I started my journey by going to the fair. I started to do the “mess”, to show myself by taking pictures. By dint of going there I have become a fairly recognizable face; this is because cosplay is not an immense way so basically we all get to know each other a little or, in any case, even through friends you know all the cosplayers and professionals who come into contact with this reality, like other photographers and videomakers.

My path was therefore based on fairs, this also applies to other photographers.

Metamorphosis 2020 is not a cosplay photography book but it is a publication created by a group of guys named Pasquale, Eleonora and Rachele. Its main objective is to evolve more and more, renewing itself day by day with new ideas and contents.

What prompted you to write such an innovative book?

Metamorphosis 2020 was born by chance, it is the son of a series of coincidences and factors external to us

Cosplay is not just about wearing a costume and playing the heroes of popular culture that we have been passionate about since childhood. The guys from Accademia 72 firmly believe in it, the Piedmontese sports association that has been organizing the Cosplayer Run for three years, a charity marathon that combines the passion for running with that for cosplay. . The goal is among the noblest imaginable: to raise funds to raise funds for the Friends Association (…)

Filippo Trojano, 44, is a professional photographer from Rome who has created a photographic project on cosplay with a cinematic cut.

Why did you dedicate yourself to a cosplay project?

From an early age I have a passion for masks and over the years I have made various photographic projects on the subject using them in different ways.

The choice to carry out a project on cosplayers was born (…)

Valentino Notari, 34, originally from Rome, is an Italian cosplayer who is currently in charge of coordinating Emergency volunteers. Aspiring writer, Valentino is the author of the first cosplay novel entitled “Cosplay Girl”.

How was the novel “Cosplay Girl” born?

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer, so in the past (…)

Cosplay is a very free and multifaceted hobby, so there have been different reactions to the current health emergency.
Many, taking advantage of the obligation to stay at home and the consequent increase in free time, have begun to devote themselves even more to this activity, approaching new online platforms. Mainly it was TikTok and Twitch that saw an increase in users, both of content creators and viewers.

Denzel “Dizzy” Pinga known in art as Dizzy Monogatari, is a Filipino photographer and cosplayer.

How did you manage to integrate into the world of cosplay?

I’ve been passionate about anime since I was young, watching series like Yuyu Hakusho and other classics like like DBZ and VoltesV.

I studied at the University of Fine Arts, where I learned (…)

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Agnese Morganti, 36, is a Tuscan photographer who currently lives in Milan.

Where did the name of the “Sailor Zoom” project come from?

It was born from a play on words between Sailor Moon and Zoom, the video calling software through which people kept in touch during the quarantine. It is also the same platform through which the remote photos of cosplayers were taken. (…)

Lucrezia Jones, 30, was born in Bologna and as a profession she teaches English. Lucrezia tells how the cosplay phenomenon has changed and evolved in recent years.

How long ago did you start cosplaying? And how did you approach this reality?

I started cosplaying at the age of 20, in 2012. I got in touch with this (…)

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 22.59.08.png

Davide Ravera, 38, is originally from the hinterland of Savona (Liguria).

He is an internationally renowned cosplayer, presenter, youtuber and personal trainer. In 2017 he gave life to the project “Cosplay as street art” near the city of Turin.

What was the main motivation / motivations that pushed you to carry out this project?

“This project was carried out with the intention of collecting two (…)

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