Hong Kong revises textbooks to teach patriotism since childhood-The Wall Street Journal

After a series of anti-government protests in Hong Kong, the Chinese government, which blames young people, is seeking to increase its ideological control over them. The Hong Kong Education Bureau recently announced that children as young as six will receive national security education.

Hong Kong education officials issued instructions late on Thursday to require kindergartens to conduct patriotic education, and then teach children to abide by the Hong Kong National Security Law, which was implemented last year, from elementary school. This also makes schools a front line for the Chinese government to suppress opposition.

This series of actions is the latest measure to reform the legacy of Hong Kong’s British education system after the end of colonial rule in 1997. According to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong textbooks are being rewritten to be more patriotic, including some pictures that may anger Beijing are being deleted.


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