Horizon Forbidden West fan reveals Aloy’s mind-blowing cosplay creation process –

Forbidden Horizon West y horizon zero dawn‘s Aloy is one of the most beloved game protagonists introduced in the last decade, and one fan went to incredible lengths to bring the character zero dawn look at life

Popular cosplayer Kamui (@KamuiCosplay) recently delved into the process of recreating Aloy’s outfit and showed off the entire process in a video posted on Twitter. It’s a lot of work, but the results speak for themselves: Kamui’s Aloy actually looks like it was lifted straight out of a 2017 video game screenshot.

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The process behind Aloy de Kamui is incredibly complicated. In addition to the profoundly impressive stitching and painting one would expect from a cosplay of this caliber, Aloy’s costume also requires a lot of 3D printing, which looks like leather work, and of course, absolutely improbable amounts of duct tape. Eagle-eyed viewers will also see a corgi, which definitely helps, briefly hanging out in the background.

A little more recently, Kamui also showed off a video showing the specific process of creating Aloy’s spear. Like his armor, the spear is an incredibly accurate recreation of the game. Unlike armor, this one doesn’t involve mastering as many professions; the spear is almost entirely made of foam and spray paint, with some finer details added later.

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Aloy was introduced in 2017 horizon zero dawn, and is the game that Kamui’s cosplay is most directly inspired by. More recently, however, the character ruled the decade of 2022. Forbidden Horizon West, continuation of the previous title. Both games give Aloy many different looks for cosplayers.

Both horizon zero dawn y Forbidden Horizon West They are available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. horizon zero dawn is also available on Microsoft Windows, but forbidden west it remains a console exclusive at the time of this writing. More details on Kamui’s incredibly detailed work can be found on his Twitter @KamuiCosplay.

Source: Twitter

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