How Lord of the Rings Helm’s Deep Anime movie could expand Rohan’s story

Therefore, we can expect Rohirrim War to explore this most crucial and trying time in Rohan’s history, since Hammerhand’s famous fist ended up plunging Rohan into a costly war when Freca’s son, seeking revenge, assembled a legion of Dunlendings to storm the fortress that would become known as Helm’s Deep, also known as Hornburg. On top of that, the protracted battle also unfolded during a period of cold and famine in Middle-earth known as Long Winter, which even affected the Shire far to the west. While the effort to hold the fortress, similar to a winter version of the Alamo, would prove tragic for the king, its legend has become a source of motivation for posterity, especially when it comes to the war horn. a giant that Hammerhand guarded atop the fortress, which, when he blew, signaled the Rohirrim to open the gates and storm the besieged enemies with a ferocity that frightened across the land. In fact, the fear of Hammerhand’s exploits had evolved to a point where it was believed he would kill his enemies with his bare hands and eat their flesh during times when the fortress pantry was empty.

Of course, the connections that Rohirrim War will bring to The Lord of the Rings films should already be visible, given the above information. After all, The two towers saw Saruman stir up the historical enmity of the Wild Men of the Land of Dun, prompting them to plunder and burn the villages of the Westfold of Rohan. Additionally, apart from having a statue of Helm Hammerhand featured prominently in the ever-impressive long shots of the film Helm’s Deep, the aforementioned horn of the king was used to its historical effect by Gimli just before King Theoden – au edge of defeat – be coaxed back into battle by Aragorn to open the gate and break through the siege forces of Uruk-hai, leading to final victory. Thus, Theoden’s famous quote on the horn by Helm Hammerhand – which has probably surpassed the heads of most moviegoers – will be put in a poignant context here.

Therefore, although the details of the current plot are still unknown, we have a general idea of ​​the story. Rohirrim War seeks to adapt. While this is a noble task, it is a task for which Carolyn Blackwood, COO, Warner Bros. Pictures Group, and Richard Brener, President and Creative Director, New Line Cinema express their enthusiasm. “All of us at New Line feel a deep affinity for the extraordinary world created by JRR Tolkien, so the opportunity to dive back into Middle-earth with the Warner Bros. team. Animation is a dream come true, ”the duo said in a statement. declaration. “Fans know that Helm’s Deep is the setting for one of the greatest battles ever to be filmed and, with many of the same creative visionaries involved and the brilliant Kenji Kamiyama at the helm, we couldn’t be more excited to deliver a new one. vision of its history that will invite the global audience to experience the rich and complex saga of Middle-earth in an exciting new way. ”

The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim will see director Kamiyama working on a script by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews (Black crystal: the age of resistance), and joined by producer Joseph Chou. Fortunately, he’ll have the help of a key member of the film trilogy’s creative triumvirate, Oscar-winning writer Philippa Boyens, who will serve as a consultant here. While there is no release date available yet, the project is on track, with animation work set at Sola Entertainment and a voice casting underway. is made up of a young team of editors passionate about everything related to Asia in general. Do not hesitate to share our article if you liked it!

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