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How to learn anime characters well? Learn how to get started with anime characters! First of all, what is self-study? It is that there is no painting foundation and painting knowledge at all, and it is impossible to learn by yourself only by watching and learning. Many students find it difficult to sketch. In order to help interested friends understand that most people choose animation training institutions, today I will show you how to learn anime characters by self-study?

Self-study people generally encounter the following problems: 1. Line draft problems, no shape, no line draft perspective; 2. Human body problems, don’t know the structure of the human body; 3. Human body dynamics, don’t know the human body dynamics Laws; 4. The problem of scene perspective, there is no concept of perspective; 5. The problem of line draft copying, I don’t know how to draw the line draft, and copying does not look like; 6. Composition problem, I don’t know how to layout the picture.

Self-study drawing, don’t know what tutorial to watch? How to learn? How can I learn? These problems are very big problems for people with zero foundation. I have a complete set of zero-based entry comics tutorials, self-study and professional training, which can be used as materials for everyone to copy and learn, or as a tool for everyone to learn systematically!

What if there is no guidance for self-study? If you want to become a professional manga artist, you want to be able to learn how to draw step by step and become better and better, but there is no one to guide how to draw. This is a very headache. I will help today. You solve this problem. While helping you learn by yourself, I hope you can also improve your drawing ability through my drawing analysis ability and tutoring ability.

The above picture is from the illustration work of Japanese painter Yuzu Ki

How to learn anime characters well? Learn how to get started with anime characters!Then today’sHow to learn anime characters well by self-study?The sharing is over! To learn painting, you must see more, practice more, and think more. I hope everyone can become a great god as soon as possible.

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