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How to obtain the map of the strongest snail species? In the strongest snail game, the species map is a newly added gameplay. The editor of the box will talk about how to obtain the species map.

How to get the map of the strongest snail species.

At present, there are two main ways to obtain atlas:

a.God’s domain acquisition

Currently, 1 species map can be obtained in the Cyclops and Oriole Gods (these Gods do not have unique structures, and the basic rewards are map fragments).

b. Species war acquisition

Buy from the traitor store, green atlas 5 fragments, blue atlas 10 fragments, orange atlas 40 fragments (the purple map is not seen, you may encounter it later).

game introduction:

“The Strongest Snail” is a growing mobile game developed by Celadon Games (QC-GAME). In 2120, the earth was attacked by unknown energy, all cities were turned into scorched earth, world civilization was on the verge of extinction, 99% of the world’s species became extinct, and only a few low-level creatures remained lingering. In the game, the player will act as a snail, traveling back to the modern world from the doomsday 100 years later, through evolution, mutation and other means, all the way through the barriers, defeating the devil and finally saving the earth.


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