How to restore the role of 2022dnf

In dnf games, people often feel that they have deleted the characters too much, and they have too much time to spare, and want to restore the deleted characters. But in dnf, the characters can be restored, so how to restore the characters? Today I will explain this problem, one Get up and take a look.

  Detailed steps to restore the role

1. First everyone comesdnf official website.

2. Choose from aboveUser service-role restoration.

How to restore the role of 2022dnf

3. Click to log in, then select yourRegions and roles, ClicksubmitThat’s it.

How to restore the role of 2022dnf

There are also a few rules that need to be paid attention to. Characters below level 18 cannot be recovered. The roles deleted by the system cannot be restored after the transfer is successful. Characters dedicated to the dueling field cannot be restored. Each account can only be restored once within 15 days.


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