How to stay in the original God’s Homeland

In Yuanshen’s mobile game, the homeland opened the character check-in gameplay. After many travelers came to the homeland, they found that they could not invite the characters to the homeland at all. So where do you want to check in the characters? , Come and learn about it!

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  Guide to Characters in Yuanshen Home

After arriving at home first, open the task list and complete this 【Nosy in the pot]’S world mission.

Then talk to Hu Ling Ayuan, he will give us a 【Dongtian Pass】Prop, with this prop, you can invite the character to stay in the home, clickDecorate your home iconButton.

How to live in the original God’s homeland

Then switch to[companion]In this item, select any one of the characters.

How to live in the original God’s homeland

Drag the character’s avatar to the designated position, and click OK to make the character appear in the home. (PS: It does not matter whether it is indoor or outdoor.)

How to live in the original God’s Homeland

After the character is invited to settle in, he can not only talk with him, but also put two suits he likes, so as to get rich rough rewards.

The above is the check-in method of Yuanshen Home, I hope it can help you understand the character’s check-in conditions. If there are other doubts, please continue to pay attention to Fun Fun Mobile Games. Guangyao Bacteria will update the practical guide in the first time.


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