How to watch One Piece online in Spanish

Anime is a genre that has also penetrated Western society because of the way it tells stories and its so quirky animation. One Piece is the best example of this, as it is the most successful manganime in the entire world. His manga sales numbers surpass other authors of the stature of Akira Toriyama and he has managed to rank first for more than a decade. With such success it is hard to believe that anime is not so accessible for viewers as there are not many platforms for watch One Piece online in Spanish.

We could spend hours talking about One Piece to unravel the key of Eiichiro Oda. Currently has exceeded 1000 chapters And it may still be years to see the end of the series. But if we are sure of one thing, it is that the trip has been worth it, even with its filler episodes. The Wano Country arc It has become one of the most transcendent in the plot, but reaching this island has cost almost 900 episodes. The number of episodes may seem overwhelming at first, but Luffy’s story is highly addictive. So if you are going to start watching the series, we recommend you below where you can see it online and in Spanish.

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The language is important because many episodes have not been dubbed neither in English nor in Spanish. And, unless you know Japanese, it can be an impediment to start watching the series. However, the Crunchyroll platform has gone to the trouble to offer many series subtitled into Spanish and one of them is One Piece. This makes it easier to follow the Straw Hats’ adventures through the Grand Line. Therefore, it is the best option to see One Piece From the beginning.

How to watch One Piece online

Crunchyroll is a website and platform specialized in the distribution of series manga and anime around the world. One of the advantages of Crunchyroll is that the premiere chapters are broadcast simultaneously with its original broadcast in Japan, so no waiting to see the new episodes. One Piece is available on the platform until episode 325, although you will need a paid subscription to see all these chapters. On the other hand, if you keep the series up to date you can see the latest episodes of the Wano Country totally free from the Crunchyroll website.

On Crunchyroll you can watch the Wano Country Arc in full and for free.

Why aren’t all the chapters there? As explained by Crunchyroll herself, the One Piece license was expanded in 2020 and at some point the other episodes will arrive on the platform to be able to see them online with Spanish subtitles. That same day the Simulcast started with episode number 923, but you can enjoy the entire Wano Country arc for free. If you want to see all these episodes available, you can watch the subscription plans with everything including:

  • Monthly Fan Plan: unlimited access to Crunchyroll catalog ad-free, where new episodes can be seen one hour after they are broadcast in Japan. Can only be used on one device and costs 4.99 euros per month.
  • Mega Fan Monthly Plan: This subscription allows unlimited access to the Crunchyroll catalog without advertising and all the advantages of the previous plan. Although it also allows viewing the content in 4 different devices at the same time and do it offline. Cost 6.49 euros per month.
  • Plan Anual Mega Fan: Finally, this subscription lasts 12 months with the same benefits mentioned as the Mega Fan and offers a 15 percent off about the Monthly Plan with a price of 64.99 euros per year (€ 5.41 per month).

Another series that has been a complete success in streaming platforms like Netflix is Attack on Titan, also available on Crunchyroll. So you have a great anime catalog to choose and enjoy this beautiful hobby even from mobile devices.

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