Hurom launches premium kids food brand ‘Hurom Kids’…Supports eating habits improvement

Hurom announced on the 30th that it would launch ‘Hurom Kids’, a child-led premium kids food brand, and ‘Pororo Chacha House’, a tea leaching for children.

Hurom established a subsidiary Hurom F&B in March to help parents with young children solve their food problems and help improve children’s eating habits. This time, Hurom F&B’s first product as a Hurom Kids brand is ‘Pororo Chacha House’, a premium tea for children. It is a brewed tea that is delicately blended with the low-temperature roasting technique that preserves the original taste and aroma without additives.

The products are ‘Baedolaji Tea’, which is a blend of pear, bellflower, jujube, quince, and green beans, ‘Prun tea’ made with prunes, apples, beets and lemon balm, and ‘Sprouted barley green bean tea’ with green beans, barley sprouts, and barley radish. ‘ It consists of three parts. It was made into a tea bag type product with a tea tag attached to the character of the popular animation ‘Porong Porong Pororo’ so that children who do not drink water drink water as if they were playing. It can be easily brewed in cold water without the need to boil water, so it helps children create a healthy drinking habit.

In line with the Hurom Kids brand slogan of ‘Playground on the Table’, the product package itself consists of a play package that allows coloring and building games. Pororo and Friends Stickers are also included.

In addition, this product is produced in a HACCP certified facility. Eco-friendly biodegradable filter (PLA) tea bags made of 100% corn starch are used to reduce food hygiene and safety concerns.

Pororo Chacha House can be purchased from the official Hurom Kids website. In the future, sales will be expanded through various online and offline channels.

Kim Jae-won, CEO of Hurom, said, “As we have been running a campaign to improve children’s eating habits through vegetable and fruit juice for a long time, I have been thinking about children’s healthy eating habits and food. We will try our best to create a ‘healthy and enjoyable table’ for children by introducing a variety of product lineups through necessary food R&D.”

By Jung Yong-cheol, staff reporter [email protected]


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