I am Cos

I Am Cos (2016) HD Video, 12:34 min. color, sound, edition 5 / + 1, courtesy of the artist. I am Cos is part of a series of works that engage with cosplay culture, a form of fan culture from Japan, where fans transform themselves into characters in anime and computer games. Cosplay is a global phenomenon based on changes from virtual identities and avatars towards bodily forms of identification – from mediators towards material subjectivations. In I am Cos, Axel Stockburger engaged with the cosplay scene in Sao Paulo’s Liberdade quarter, where these costumes are an important part of the public space. The artist designed a costume for a fictional character, based on Liberdade’s urban design, and mainly refers to the symbolic ties of Japanese immigrants towards their origins, that are presented in this part of the city. The costume was made by Oficina de Costura, Nicolle, a well-known costume marker, who resides in the Sogo Plaza Shopping Center. The process of production, as well as the costume maker himself, who has been working in this context for considerable time, is a central component of the work. Subsequently, the artist wore the costume and presented it in public at Liberdade. I am Cos reflects on the complex Internet of identity formation from the confrontation of a territorial, national logic to migration topics and those of the global narrative universe, which can be chosen at will. Credit: commissioned by Tobi Meier and Fernando Ticoulat Concept / Camera / Editing: Axel Stockburger Additional Camera: Brishty Alarm Production: Luciana Mugayar Translation: Natalie Brunner Interview Partner: Nilza Maria Sborz Thanks to: Deborah Cardinalli, Ozelita Paivia, Lenilda dos Santos Pereira Brishty Alam, Nicolle Officina de Costura Tofiq House Sao Paulo funded by the Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

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