“I am looking for a youth to draw animation in Japan while receiving a’full scholarship’ from Netflix.”

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[인사이트] Reporter Han-Sol Kim = An opportunity to realize your dream of becoming an animator came by receiving a scholarship from Netflix.

If you are usually interested in animation, let’s focus on this article.

On the 13th, Japanese media’Sora News’ announced that the animation production company’WIT Studio’ formed an academy to recruit talent to develop Netflix’s own content.

After completing the course, which starts in April and lasts six months, five days a week, you will be producing original Netflix animations under Wit or Production IG.

InsightAnimation’blade of demonic extinction’

InsightAnimation’My Neighbor Totoro’

If so, what is the cost of this completion? Surprisingly,’Netflix’ promised a scholarship system that fully supports students’ living expenses during the program.

Classes will be conducted in small groups with only 10 students and will be conducted in accordance with the curriculum of Hitomi Tateno, former animator at Studio Ghibli.

Applicants must be 18 to 25 years of age and graduate from high school by March 2021.

Also, if you live in Japan, you can apply even if you are a foreigner, and it does not matter if you cannot speak Japanese.


You can apply until the 28th through the Wit Animator Academy website, and practical exams and interviews will be held from March to determine the final successful candidates.

It is believed that the reason for Netflix offering these scholarships is that the demand for animation has soared.

In fact, ahead of the Netflix release of the anime’Sword of Demon Extinction’ on the 21st, many are expressing their expectations.


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