“I choose you!”: in Kamchatka, the groom came to the wedding dressed as Pikachu : IA “Kam 24”

An unusual wedding ceremony was held by employees of the registry office in Petropavlovsk. The bride in an evening dress and the groom in a Pikachu costume came to register the marriage, Kam 24 news agency reports.

According to the 41 Regions TV channel, in order to complete the marriage registration procedure, the groom still had to take off the costume of the Japanese anime hero. Underneath, the young man was wearing a more appropriate outfit: dress pants and a white shirt.

“According to the employees of the registry office, costumed weddings are not so rare now. At different times, cowboys, pirates, gangsters, gypsies, newlyweds in Russian folk costumes and so on got married here, but Pikachu is getting married in Kamchatka for the first time,” reports 41 Regions.

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