I just think English anime syncs are bad?

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Even here, I would point out that this only applies to anime syncs.

Basically, I watch anime in Japanese and, if there is, in Hungarian, but also only if it is good.

So far I haven’t come across the anime English dub but I have listened to a few (more precisely 12) and had a very strange experience.

The sounds were something awful.

I understand that the two languages ​​sound very different but it was still weird.

In the boys ’voices, the seniors always seem to want to get tough, and the youngsters are somehow always either too childish or simply like a 17-year-old Otaku teenager.

Of the female voices, 70% seem to want to be constantly flattered and the 30% speak in a deliberately unifying or forcefully whimsical voice, simply as they were in a cringe or hardened by a forced bass faithful to their male partner.

For them, I felt a bit like there were three of them in total and they were rotated all the time i.e. a little girl who is not talented to sync, a pampered 17 year old teen and a 55 year old arrogant woman who thinks she is cool if she shakes her voice but it doesn’t go well.

I thought I’d look at the reviews of the English dubbing and so 97% of the English dubbing was praised by everyone who didn’t take it down. Criticism just said that “the dubbing actor had the role” or that “they felt” or that “very excellent “Listing arguments similar to the latter.

Domestic dubbers, on the other hand, are humiliated to the ground.

I’m not saying that the Hungarian anime syncs are perfect (just think of the ichigo sound in bleach or the death note Near who grew a pumpkin somehow in the last 3 parts) but there were some where I was caught better than the original, for example my first anime is death note there was something that I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed without dubbing (of course the already mentioned Near thing restarted windows a few times) or there are still Ghibli movies that I have to watch in sync at least at least I enjoy the original and the hero academy there.

I know the latter is far from perfect, but somehow I enjoyed the Hungarian sounds better at some point (of course, there were a few places where I buried myself in shame, for example, deku was constantly whining while Uraraka but LOAKA’S SPEAKING was something unconsciously embarrassing)).

Of course, this is probably due to the fact that, thanks to Mr Netfilx, I started watching with Hungarian dubbing.

Finally, I’ll tell you what I want to know.

I would like to know the answers to the following questions:

Why do Americans treat synchronicity in this way, unlike Hungarians?

Why is it so fashionable to scold the Hungarian dub?

I understand that the Hungarian dubbings of netfilx are bad there, in 90℅ cases I chose the original English, so it was incomprehensible to me why they couldn’t make a regular anime dubbing if they did with their own cartoons.

Can you say these good English anime dubbings?

Nowadays, I often don’t feel like reading subtitles, but most of the anime isn’t synced to good or Hungarian at all, so I’d love a few useful tips.

I just think this is the case?

If you can really write a meaningful critique against it then I’d love to read it but if only “Mjié aázod a synchon you jog” or “you jog better than the sign” then I don’t ask for it.


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