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Since the first release in 2004, the game software “Monster Hunter Series”, commonly known as “Monster Hunter”, has been very popular. Speaking of the charm of Monster Hunter, one of the popular factors is not only the ability to subdue large monsters, but also the ability to use the “materials” that can be obtained at the time of subjugation to create strong and cool equipment to strengthen the character.

A lot of attractive equipment that captures the characteristics of each monster will appear, but among them, 30,000 “likes” that reproduce the “sword” using the material of the popular monster “Tamamitsune” Are gathered.

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The work was created by Twitter user koishi (@ koishi252040). Koishi has been making cosplay costumes and props for about 10 years as a hobby. He said he enjoyed cosplaying himself for the first two years, but since then he has been very attracted to making things and is active in production.

It took about 7 days to create this work, from designing and procuring materials to assembling and painting. It’s amazing that you can make such a work in 7 days.

Tamamitsune's sword. The scabbard is also reproduced.

When I asked Mr. koishi about his commitment to producing works, he said, “I think it’s a little different, but my production policy is” quality and cost are as affordable as possible. “”

Continuing, “Cosplay can be enjoyed as” enjoying the world view with high technology “or” enjoying interaction with fans “. However, I want to enjoy various exchanges with as many characters as possible. However, cosplay is a hobby that costs a lot of money in terms of costumes, places, entertainment expenses, etc., so the production policy is to suppress what can be suppressed, “says koishi. Through the interview, I felt a strong commitment to manufacturing.

The brim of the sword is also reproduced firmly.The figure in the scabbard is also beautiful.

Of course, there are many positive voices in the works produced in this way. In response to the great response, Mr. koishi said, “I am very happy that there are many compliments, but I think that most of them are the favors and evaluations of the fans for” the history and quality of the work “Monster Hunter”. I’m sorry to say that the evaluation is “too much”, “he said in a humble manner.

The work is already highly complete, but at this point it is still unfinished. As a fan of the Monster Hunter series, I would like to look forward to the completion of the Tamamitsune sword, which says, “It will be completed with a little more work.”

koishi (@ koishi252040)

(Hirogo Yamaguchi)

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