“I thought I was naked” Enako, “I’m wearing nothing” off-shot show! “Insanely sexy ~” – All About NEWS

Cosplayer Enako updated her Instagram on November 15th. I released an off-shot that looks like I’m wearing nothing.

“Actually, I was naked.”

Enako wrote, “I have a manager who is good at taking pictures as if I’m not wearing anything (I’m wearing a swimsuit properly),” and released a photo of herself. She sits on the sofa and hides part of her body with the armrests, but this shot makes it look as if she is wearing nothing. It’s a very sexy and exciting figure. It is one piece that the manager’s advanced shooting technique exploded.

In the comments, there were many praises such as “Insanely sexy~”, “Anyway bright Enako (laughs)”, “I thought it was a soft-shelled turtle”, “I thought it was completely naked”, and “It looks like a nude at first glance”. .

Enako usually shows various cosplays, but this time she showed off a unique shot. You can see a new side of Enako in her cute appearance without cosplay. We are looking forward to more shots that please the fans!

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