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The number of animations that are broadcast and distributed in one coolNearly 60 worksThen, even if I glanced at only one scene, I couldn’t tell which work it was.MAD movieThere was a scene that seemed insanely interesting, but I don’t know what the work was. ” With the web service “WAIT”, you can search for what kind of work it is and what number of episodes the scene is based on one image, so I actually tried using it.

WAIT: What Anime Is This? – Anime Scene Search Engine

The top page of WAIT looks like this. If the image you want to check is on your PC, drag and drop it into the blank area at the top, or specify the file with “Browse a file” at the bottom. If it is an image on the net, you can search for the title and number of stories of the corresponding animation by entering the URL of the image in the text box labeled “Image URL”.

As a test, let’s load the image by dragging and dropping.

After loading the image, click “Search” at the bottom right.

The search result screen looks like this. The titles and number of stories of the anime are listed on the left side in descending order of matching rate. In addition, detailed information on the anime with the highest matching rate is displayed in the center. This time”Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM“ofTeaser PVI used one scene that was included in, but I found that the corresponding scene was one scene from the second episode of “Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM”.

In WAIT, you can search the detailed information of the corresponding animation from one captured image, so it seems to be useful when searching for the original material of the following MAD movie.

MAD ↑↑ ↓↓ ← → ← → × ○ (2020 ver) –Nico Nico Douga

MAD ↑↑↓↓←→←→×○ (2020 ver)

WAIT has add-ons for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to make it easier to search, so let’s try it out. This time, click “Firefox” to try using the add-on for Firefox.

Add-onDistribution pageAfter navigating to, click Add to Firefox.

Click “Add” in the pop-up that appears in the upper right corner of the window to complete the installation.

Using the add-on is simple.I want to know more informationimageRight-click and click “Search on trace.moe” from the displayed menu …

The WAIT search result page is displayed like this. The image searched this time is “Baki the GrapplerIt turned out to be one scene of the second episode of “.

In addition, of “Ponyo on the cliff”Scene photoWhen I search for …

Although “Ponyo on the cliff” is displayed in the candidate on the left side, “Initial DIt was judged that one scene of “” has a higher matching rate, and “Initial D” was displayed as a search result. Please note that the WAIT search is not perfect and different animations may be displayed in the search results.

In addition, only the image of one scene of the animation can be searched by WAIT. It is said that it does not support searches based on images that have been trimmed or inverted, or searches using key visuals that do not appear in the work.

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