“I want to draw my next small science fiction love comedy”, the author of “blade of demonic extinction” sweeping Japanese manga records

Animation’blade of demonic extinction’

[인사이트] Reporter Ki-soo Lim =’The Blade of Demon Extinction’, which is writing a new history of animation by setting a record for successive box offices.

The comic book, “The Blade of the Demon Extinction,” which is the original animation of the animation, also surpassed “One Piece,” which always occupied No. 1, and became the fastest-selling work in Japanese manga history with 100 million copies.

The more the ‘blade of demonic extinction’ breaks the box office record, the more interest in the artist Kotoke Koyoharu is increasing.

There have been rumors that he will temporarily retire after the’blade of demonic extinction’, but his remarks, which cleared this out recently, are drawing attention.

Insight Representative image of Kotoge Koyoharu/ aya02082101

InsightAnimation’blade of demonic extinction’

Recently, the Japanese media Maijitsu reported that Kotoke Koyoharu, the author of the’blade of demonic extinction’, who was caught in retirement rumors, made a comment on his next work.

Kotoke Koyoharu left the words “I want to draw a very funny sci-fi love comedy” in the cover comment of the fanbook of “The Blade of Demon Extinction” published a while ago.

Kotoke Koyoharu’s remarks calm the retirement rumors that have circulated among fans so far, and at the same time, the expectation that a work with a completely different atmosphere from the’blade of demonic extinction’ is also rising.

InsightAnimation’blade of demonic extinction’

In a comment, Kotoke Koyoharu said, “I’m very obsessed with movies featuring aliens. I want to draw a sci-fi love comedy someday.”

He was often a four-dimensional figure in the author’s comments, so many fans are responding that they are looking forward to the science fiction love comedy that Kotoke Koyoharu will draw.

The personal identity of Kotoke Koyoharu, the author of the’blade of demonic extinction’ who is breaking all the box office records, is almost unknown except for the place of origin and date of birth.


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