“I was defamed on TV by” Who saw it? “”

Miriam in cosplayer version

Her passion for cosplay, the practice that leads many people to disguise themselves as real or fictional characters in festivals, meetings or on social networks, has made her improperly become a television case. A situation to which she rebelled, threatening complaints and demanding that correct information be given. Miriam Padovani, who is 44 years old and lives in Vigasio, a seamstress by profession, found herself unknowingly mentioned in the course of the show Who has seen it? Aired Wednesday evening on Rai Tre. Padovani has discovered, in fact, that an image related to one of the disguises he performs as a cosplayer, had been used to illustrate situations that are not very respectful towards children. A choice in itself wrong, since she in her dressing the shoes of others does not involve children but only a plastic doll. DURING the transmission of the third Rai network that deals with missing persons, a clip of a video that Padovani had published on the social TikTok was shown, with the presenter citing doubts about the normality of showing a child with horns on his head and scratches on his face . “It’s actually a doll called Reborn, which was handmade by a friend of mine and is very realistic, which I use when I take on the role of the witch Lavinia,” explains Miriam. LA SARTA di Vigasio tells that the witch is a character that she created referring to Gothic stories set in medieval France and that the doll is that of a demonic child. In short, it is an evidently artificial representation that the Vigasian seamstress gives life to, who is part of a group of people who, like her, have the pleasure of creating fictional stories and characters. “Who has seen? he defamed me and I immediately contacted them, saying that I am ready to file a complaint “, continues the woman who goes on to report that the editorial staff of the program, led by Federica Sciarelli, proposed that she conduct an interview to tell things how they are . “I have had dozens and dozens of phone calls from friends and acquaintances who told me what had happened on Wednesday evening; now it is the least that the truth is told », Padovani remarks. •

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