Ichigo appears in Hollow version in Sammy’s gorgeous female cosplay

Bleach, one of the most followed shonen series of the last decade, has made a comeback thanks to the announcement of the return of the anime with the adaptation of the Millennial War, and the spin-off Burn The Witch. While expectations rise, a fan honored the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, in the Hollow version, with a fantastic cosplay.

The narrative arc of the Millennial War will mark the epic conclusion, several years later, of the animated transposition of Bleach, and will show some of the most intense clashes in the entire history of Ichigo and his fellow Shinigami of the Soul Society. A fan of the series has therefore decided to take on her shoes before the end, choosing specifically its Hollow version.

The user @sammycosplay has shared on his Instagram page the photos you find at the bottom, where in addition to showing the good final result obtained, it also shows the different steps taken to create the iconic mask worn by the protagonist. the tunic worn, the disturbing contact lenses chosen to recreate the gaze of Ichigo from Hollow, and the sword in the background, help to make cosplay an excellent interpretation. But what do you think? Let us know with a comment below.

We remind you that the first three seasons of Bleach are available on Prime Video, and we leave you to a cosplay dedicated to the beautiful Rangiku.

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