Ichigo Kurosaki as a woman? Bleach’s Last Great Cosplay Makes It Happen

Fans of Bleach They have been waiting for months for more information to be revealed about the return of the official anime, which will be responsible for adapting the last arc of the manga and putting an end to the story of Ichigo Kurosaki. While waiting for the news to arrive, many fans have been looking at one of the latest cosplay that best represents the work of Tite Kubo.

Have you ever wondered What would the play be like if Ichigo was a woman? Well, the dutch cosplayer Sammyscosplay tried to answer this question with his latest work. As can be seen in the images taken from his Instagram account, This Ichigo cosplay features a great level of detail and rRepresents the character being possessed by his Hollow side.

In the description of these posts, Sammyscosplay explains how he went about crafting the trickier parts of his Ichigo cosplay, talking about how he glued the Hollow mask to his face or which stores he went to build it. In his profile you can also find other very successful outfits belonging to characters from other works, such as Deku from My Hero Academia or Nami from One Piece.

Going back to the anime theme of Bleach, the last thing known is that this last adaptation would have to be released at some point this year, but with the complications of the global pandemic, it is very likely that it had to be delayed to 2022. In any case, it is likely that there will be little left for those responsible at last to get in touch with the community to explain the situation.

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