If you could choose which anime character would you possess?

although the death note could make the world a really better place (I don’t have to sacrifice half my life I drum 1 box of apples they give ryuk it: D in the manga it was similar that they made a deal with 10 apples I guess 2 death gods i.e. rather a death god and those King) and then you could go convicting criminals! even with more apples-bargains, the names of hidden criminals could be squeezed out of ryuk! money and power unfortunately have to be sacrificed one of the richest people in the world has to die but I would persuade him (although there are still some who are not good people and were killed for that money etc) to distribute his wealth to random people among me too. .. bumm problem slved!

and I wrote that though … it could really make a world redemption but a love note is a lot more fun !!!! : P: DDD

ma 03:19

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so i choose love note “: D

ma 03:20

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