Il Cassetto dello Gnome – Journey to the Center of Cosplay – July 11, 2020

Drawer of the goblin. Saturday 11 July at 11:00 live on TV Web Torino. From the studio: Dario Kyuubi Mack and Andrea Titanaconda Paletto Guest in connection from Turin: Teresa Lombardo – Cosplay – Rysa Cosplay Theme of the episode: Journey to the center of Cosplay A special thanks MEPIT SRLL, which, thanks to its sponsorship , making possible the realization of this transmission. For information on the program write to: Share and help us grow by putting “Like” on Torino’s Web TV page, thanks. Ugo Parenti, drawer of the goblin, Dario Kyuubi Mack, Andrew Neg, Andrea Titanaconda Paletto, Francesco Parenti, Sergio Sapino, VideoDigitalPixel. #asperger #gnomoaspirino #mepit #company #sponsor #torinowebtv #ilcassettodellognomo

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