Immersive experience has become the new favorite of the travel industry

Original title: Immersive experience as the new favorite of the travel industry

Dressed in a plain skirt with a collar and in the bustling “Chang’an City,”trolleyLooking for clues among vegetable farmers… This is not a scene in a movie, but an immersive atmosphere created by an escape room game.Nowadays, whether it’s script killing or escape room entertainment,LohasActivities, tourism performing arts, drama performances, museum exhibitions, all began to pay attention toconsumptionThe sense of participation of the audience creates an immersive experience. This allows the audience or visitors to no longer stay out of the matter, but, like an actor, integrate into the stage and the situation and become a part of it.

The immersive experience has also created new opportunities for the in-depth integration of cultural and tourism. On August 23, 2019, the General Office of the State Council issued the “About Further StimulatingculturewithTourism consumptionPotentialopinion“, proposed to “promote the integration of culture, tourism and modern technology, and develop a new generation of immersive experience-based culture and tourism consumption content.” Many cultural and tourism projects nowadays use motion capture technology, VR/AR technology, etc. to create a sense of immersion for consumers, so that people can share the fruits of technological development while relaxing and entertaining.

New highlights of cultural travel industry

Above Qinxi, “the grass is delicious and the fallen leaves are colorful”, and the paradise where fishermen, fishermen and farmers are farming, a picture of a leisurely and contented life. As night falls, cruise ships full of tourists depart from Wuliu Wharf… This is the immersive performance “The Story of Peach Blossom Spring” staged in the Taohuayuan Scenic Area in Changde, Hunan during May 1st, 2020. The lighting, sound effects, projection, real scene, plus the context and plot that echo the article, make the tourists on the Rafting Creek really walk into the paradise described by Tao Yuanming.

Nowadays, the immersive experience is widely used in the cultural travel industry, especially in the tourism and performing arts. After getting rid of the traditional one-way communication mode of “you play and I see” and a single fixed stage setting, the immersive mode adopts two-wayinteractiveLet tourists better feel the cultural connotation of the scenic spot, and strengthen the experience and memory of tourism.

In many cities, many immersive tourism performances have become one of the “must-check” projects, such as the “Zhiyinhao” performance in Wuhan, Hubei, and the “See You Pingyao” performance in Pingyao, Shanxi. Take “Zhiyin” as an example. When the performance ticket turns into a boat ticket, when the deck turns into a stage, coupled with retro cheongsam and yellow lights, modern Wuhan is ready to emerge. Without a fixed stage and seats, the audience can walk freely in the theater, intuitively feel the humanity and natural environment in which the story is located, and can also watch the actors’ costumes, words and deeds at close range.

Because of its unique experience and strong interaction, this type of performing arts attracts not only foreign tourists, but also local audiences. Li Ting, a citizen of Wuhan, told reporters that she had gone to experience “Zhiyin” with a few friends. There were also many local people like her on the ship.This immersive experience is not only fresh and interesting, but also deepens their understanding of Wuhan’s history.Cognition

New entertainment and leisure experience

Not only is the immersive tourism performing arts popular, but also entertainment projects that incorporate immersive elements are gradually gaining popularity, such as escape rooms with real-life role-playing, script killing and other real-life game experience halls.According to MeituanBig DataShows that immersive experience has developed into people of all ages, especially young people.accept, Fashion leisure and entertainment projects that are willing to participate. Approximately 75% of the relevant consumption comes from young people aged 20 to 35, who are very interested in elements such as experience, story, gameplay, art, and night travel.

Beijing office worker Yi Wen is an escape room enthusiast. Compared with ordinary decryption clearance, she is more keen to choose a secret room with situational settings and role-playing. “The experience of a game is more like an immersive drama. I care more about the experience than whether or not to solve a puzzle.”

During the Spring Festival holiday this year, the real-world game experience hall was “hard to find” and was very popular. Yi Wen discovered that as early as the Spring Festival, some popular escape rooms had already been pre-booked. “Only one or two days in advance can not be booked at all, so I booked the game a year ago, just to celebrate the New Year on the spot this year, and experience it with my friends.”

As popular as escape room, there are script kills.The so-called script killing refers to giving each participant an identity and plot setting. All participants share different clues and stories.reasoningTell the truth about the story. In 2020, a total of new scripts will be added across the country to kill relatedenterpriseMore than 3100 companies, compared with 2019Year-on-yearAn increase of 63%. Because of the popularity of script killing, a new mode of “cultural travel + script killing” has been born offline, which combines script killing with scenic spots, mountain villas and other tourist scenes. The play time exceeds 24 hours. Many players are affected by this mode. attract.

Fit the participant’s psychologydemand

Behind the hot immersive experience, it’s actuallyConsumer demandChange. With the general improvement of people’s consumption level and the diversification of consumer demand, many people are no longer satisfied with being out of the matter, paying more attention to the freshness, experience, and interactivity of cultural tourism activities.Experience economyCame into being. “The sense of experience gained through immersion is unique. This situation different from daily life allows people to give full play to their subjective initiative, relax their minds and bodies, and adjust their lives. For some good immersion projects, I will experience it again and again with friends. “Yi Wen said. Real-world game experience projects have also become a new form of socializing for young people. “Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you can’t make up the number of people you need to start the game. You can team up with others, or you can randomly assign them to the stadium.”

The rapid development of technology provides strong support for the immersive experience. Nowadays, various gorgeous light and shadow shows and starry sky shows have become peopleLeisure consumptionPopular choice to meet different consumer needs. These immersive experience projects are springing up in parks, shopping malls and cultural pavilions.

In the long run, there is still room for iterative upgrades of immersive experience projects. In particular, efforts must be made to strengthen the storyline design and optimize the experience, and strive to provide consumers with better cultural tourism.service

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