In Pordic, the approval of a minutes animates the first municipal council by videoconference – Pordic

Friday, January 29, the municipal council meeting took place, for the first time, by videoconference, under the chairmanship of Joël Batard, mayor. The latter was with the assistants, some delegates and members of staff at the town hall, to manage the 22 items on the agenda. The other elected officials were behind their computers.

Hanging on the minutes

A first muscular exchange took place with the proposal to validate the minutes of the meeting of December 11. Robert Rolando asked for some explanations on the drafting of this report and in particular for a deliberation. “On the occasion of the association’s grant vote, you asked the entire municipal council if it was in agreement to vote the deliberation as a group. If only one member of the municipal council had expressed the wish for a vote grant by grant, then this proposal would have had to be accepted. »The elected member of the opposition then refers to the vote« against »of a grant to an association by Jean-Luc Bertrand, of the majority. For him, voting “against” must be counted for the whole and entered as such in the report, so as not to create a precedent.

Loïc Tardy, first deputy in charge of finances, replied that after consulting the services of the prefecture, the vote concerned was indeed in conformity. Alexis Lebrat (opposition) joined the negative votes (nine against). The minutes were finally adopted as is.

In short

Joël Batard followed up with the adoption of the governance pact between the intermunicipal association and the member municipalities (unanimously) and the validation of the reports of the local commission for evaluating the transferred charges (unanimously).

Then, Loïc Tardy presented the various support agreements, additional subsidies (20,150 €) and 2021 contributions allocated by the city in the amount of 181,201 €. Unanimity. Alexis Lebrat and Pierrick Le Noane did not take part in the voting of the conventions in which they are parties.

The agreements for the renewal of associative jobs (three jobs on Pordic – football, basketball and music school), co-financed with the departmental council, were unanimously validated. Pierrick Le Noane (opposition), however, wondered about the Department’s investment in the years to come.

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