In Saint-Brieuc, the playwright Marie Dilasser leads writing workshops at the Léonard-de-Vinci – Saint-Brieuc college

Thursday and Friday, at the Léonard-de-Vinci college, the third-year theater classes benefited from writing workshops led by Marie Dilasser, author of the play “Snow White, the story of a prince”.

It is moreover thanks to a similar workshop that Marie Dilasser herself found her way: “It was at the same age as these college students that I discovered the theater,” recalls the playwright. It was there that I discovered that, collectively, we could invent stories and suddenly a field of possibilities opened up to me ”.

Rewrite fairy tales

“If you want the Big Bad Wolf to eat pizza in his den, you can,” Marie Dilasser told her class. In this workshop, students are invited to rewrite fairy tales in their own words. Anachronism, a mixture of the real and the imaginary… Here anything goes. One way for college students to find freedom in writing: “For children, writing can be perceived as painful. I want to show that we can also have fun while writing and that we can allow ourselves to leave the frame ”.

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