In St. Petersburg, the court banned three more anime

The Kirovsky District Court of St. Petersburg satisfied the prosecutor’s claim and declared three more animes banned from distribution in Russia. The reason for this was the conclusion of experts who considered that these works have a negative effect on the psyche of children.

During the inspection, the prosecutor’s office found that the pages indicated in the administrative claim contain pornographic materials, as well as materials aimed at creating motivation among minors for destructive illegal behavior, including the use of violence against others, the United Press Service of the Courts told.

The expert examination was carried out by specialists from the St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education. They confirmed the findings of the supervisory authority, pointing out that these anime have a negative effect on the child’s psyche, and in the fragments of the cartoons there are scenes of murders, while “the material itself is presented in a form accessible to the child’s consciousness.”

Note that the court banned the distribution of not only anime sites, but also one pornographic portal.

Recall that this lawsuit by the prosecutor’s office with a requirement to ban the distribution of anime was not the first. On February 1, the court restricted access to the cartoons “The Prince of Darkness” and “The Riddle of the Devil”.


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