In Taiwan, they released a travel card in the form of a Sailor Moon wand. When paying for a purchase, the crystal lights up

Taiwanese company EasyCard, which developed a contactless smart card system, has released a public transport ticket in the form of a moon stick from the Sailor Moon anime. Sora News writes about it.

The length of the wand is 18 centimeters. The publication also notes that this is an exact copy of the attribute of the main character Sailor Moon from the anime. It is decorated with a crescent moon, wings and a round crystal.

“Moonstick” can pay for travel on the subway, buses, trams and other public transport in Taipei – the capital of Taiwan. The wand functions with the help of the EasyCard system, so if you wish, you can pay with it even in stores that accept the corresponding cards. When a purchase is made, a crystal lights up on it.

You can buy such a wand for 1799 Taiwan dollars – about 5000 rubles. The souvenir comes in a nice box so that anime fans can buy it even if they don’t take the Taipei subway.

Sailor Moon is a Japanese media franchise based on the manga by Naoko Takeuchi. The first volume of the graphic novel was released in 1992. Later, a 200-episode TV show was released with this title, as well as three feature films.

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