In the absence of a competent tutorial, the Dota 2 community has raised more than 21,000 euros to create their own

Titles that receive constant updates are an example of good work on the part of your studios. They keep the flow of content active and if they offer it for free, they encourage many other users to join the work if they haven’t already.

An example of this is Dota 2, the MOBA of Valve, which has been on the market for almost eight years. In all this time he has counted numerous patches that have included more hours and possibilities for the players, but that have damaged a very specific section of the game: the tutorial.

The introduction of new mechanics, movements and parameter changes produce that the tutorial is quickly out of date. That is why most of the people who are introduced to Dota 2 do so through a streamer or through acquaintances who explain the basic functions to them.

That is why the community has gotten to work, so SirActionSlacks is leading the initiative to fund and create a unique tutorial for Dota 2, which it hopes will be ready for the premiere of the anime series based on the franchise.

The problem is that this premiere will take place on March 25 on Netflix, so getting the modders necessary to carry out the project to do it so easily in a short time is difficult. Consequently, in the IndieGoGo platform have already been collected 21,948 euros to achieve this goal come true and thus pay modders for their time. SirActionSlacks himself is the manager and narrator of the tutorials, free of charge.

Although the game will change again after a while, the idea is that the arrival of the series encourages more people to enter Dota 2 and that find a tutorial in conditions to know the rules. Once the new one is also outdated, they will have to follow the same paths as everyone else before.

The approach of the tutorial is simple. How to move, attack, buy items or how to get money, as well as techniques to detect and silence toxic players. However, there is still a stumbling block to save. Valve must authorize access to this hypothetical tutorial, something the community continues to fight for.

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