In the following box they charge you: Megumin from Konosuba already has a job at the Oxxo


By Rodrigo Cortes | June 24, 2021, 11:47 AM

In general, cosplayers look for studios to take the finest photos and thus share them on their social networks, however, there are those who are looking for more special scenarios. In this case, Gingerline Cosplay gives us something that was his dream: Megumin from Konosuba in a Oxxo.

As you just read, now we have Megumin from Konosuba working ‘temporarily’ in one of the convenience stores with the most branches in Mexico. Obviously, all this is to have some fun photos that the fans will enjoy.

In the photo post comment, Gingerline puts the dialogue where the customer asks for a 20 peso recharge and Megumin from Konosuba answer that ‘There is no system, it exploded’. Right there you can see the enchilados ‘Japanese’ peanuts that are put on sale when you go to pay.

We must admit that it was a very original exercise and that we want to see more, because we experience these everyday situations every day and have an anime character selling things in Oxxo it is something that would excite us if we see it live.

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Not only is Megumin from Konosuba, Gingerline has a lot of fun cosplays

Gingerline does a remarkable job in each of his cosplays, not only did he do it with Megumin from Konosuba, also has a very funny video of Kaguya Sama Love is War also in a cosplay inside the Oxxo.

Now, it is also worth exposing the numbers that a publication like this gives us. The picture of Megumin attending the box of the Oxxo It has already been shared 1.4 thousand times and has 125 comments.

This shows that a need is met and that the product presented to the audience meets the expectations of the fans. But tell us, do you like to see these cosplayers in everyday activities? Did you like this presentation of Megumin from Konosuba?



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