In the month of the students different proposals for the youth

Palpalá: In the month of the students different proposals for the youth

The traditional walk of the Artisans and the Plants, called the Palpal family like every Saturday, where also the final year students of EET N ° 1 and the Vocational Training Center participated with a stand for exhibition and product sales. The 2nd anime encounter and the Mortal Kombat Tournament for PS3, brought together young fans of Asian culture and video games.

Palpalá: in the month of the students different proposals for the youth

The Municipality of Palpalá encourages the development of activities for family enjoyment, especially with the youth in mind, with September being one of the most important months on the students’ calendar. In this sense, the Municipal Development Institute gave participation to the 2021 promotions of the local schools, to be part of the sales stands on the Paseo de los Artesanos y las Plantas that are held every Saturday at the Las Aguas property. Dancers In this sense, Amanda Quintana, queen of TSE No. 1 explained, “we are selling to be able to buy the materials that we are missing to present the float. People collaborate with us a lot, we thank the mayor Rubén Eduardo Rivarola for the space he offers us, the people who buy and the announcer for the advertising. It is the only float that this year will represent Palpalá ”. For her part, Gisela Calapeña, participant in the Bakery course at the Professional Training Center No. 1, said that every Saturday they participate in marketing the bakery products learned in the course, and expressed her gratitude to the municipality for the space it offers them every Saturday .

Animé Fair in the facilities of the Altos Hornos Zapla Theater Cinema

The executive also held the 2nd part of the Animé Fair at the Altos Hornos Zapla Cinema Theater, an activity organized in conjunction with Omega Royale. He presented a friendly proposal with the environment, this is how on this occasion, the day managed to collect more than 5 thousand bottles that will go to the Municipal Corralón for the construction of ecological blocks.

Costumes, costumes, movements, choreographic dances, music and colors, outlining representations of East Asian culture, were the ingredients that delighted all the attendees who gathered for the meeting. The groups participated in dance contests with Korean and Japanese pop themes, achieving the choreographies of each chosen theme and being evaluated by a jury. Likewise, it had the presentation of entrepreneurs from various fields associated with the subject.

Along these lines, Jorgelina, jury of the Anime event, pointed out “This type of move has an incredible, very large call. And it is a great emotion to be participating as a jury in this event that has a very good level. It is impressive how the cosplay has impacted so much and that the Municipality of Palpalá and the mayor Rivarola support this meeting that has so much acceptance among the people ”. For his part, Franco, a participant in the contest, declared “I think the event and the organization are very good. This is a space that allows all cosplay fans to show their talents and abilities. I thank the mayor for promoting this type of cultural meeting that has many followers here in Palpalá and in the province ”. Next, Sergio, interpret cosplay, highlighted the characteristics of the meeting “it is a beautiful event where people come together, share and express their artistic talent through representations. I congratulate the organization and hopefully they continue with this type of event that greatly motivates the participation of children and young people ”, he concluded.

Mortal Kombat tournament for Play Station 3 in the l Microcinema del Centro Cívico

Another attraction for the general public is the Mortal Kombat Qualifying Tournament for Play Station 3. It takes place every Friday in September from 6 pm in the Microcinema of the Centro Cívico Digital Point and is totally free.

Regarding the subject, Professor Sergio Ibáñez commented that “it is the second chance that we are holding this tournament. The idea is that they be four consecutive Fridays, and then play the final on September 26. It is being planned to do it in the House of Culture, the objective is to classify the boys with the best level and to have a final that is competitive, ”he said.

“They are being classified into two categories, the first is Guerrero, with children up to 12 years old, and Master from 13 to 90 years old. This type of meeting serves for the boys to clear their minds and take out those virtues that they may have. We want to bring kids closer to technology and make new friends, more than anything. It is always important that the institutions collaborate with this type of meeting, we are very grateful to the municipality for giving us the opportunity and we hope it will be something nice and great for all of Palpalá ”, Ibáñez concluded.

It should be noted that those interested in participating must register half an hour before the activity at the Digital Point, located in the Civic Center. The next date for this qualifying tournament will be this Friday, the 17th, to reach the final on September 26.

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