In the series of new films, OTT released… ‘Pixar’ employees’lower’ morale

In the US,’Soul’ followed by’Luka’ is also released as Disney Plus

A scene from Pixar’s new film’Luka’. Courtesy of Disney, screenshot capture

In the U.S., due to the prolonged coronavirus infection (Corona 19), the movie’Soul’ as well as’Luka’ abandoned the theater release and released this summer as an online video service (OTT) Disney Plus. How would this decision of parent company Walt Disney affect the employees of Pixar’s animation studios, the’animation master’ who made the two films?

On the 30th (local time), US movie media Screenrent reported that “After’Soul’,’Luka’ also decided to go directly to Disney Plus, and the morale of Pixar employees is decreasing.”

Matthew Meloni, former editor-in-chief of Hollywood Reporter of the US media, wrote on Twitter, “I just talked to a friend of Pixar, and the (Disney decision) is lowering employee morale.”

Screenrant said, “Pixar has always been famous for creating new and exciting stories and characters, and didn’t make a sequel except for’Toy Story’. In Disney’s eyes, titles like’Soul’ or’Luka’ are Disney Plus originals. It’s an easy choice for (exclusive content), and fans hope this won’t let Pixar lose its motivation to create more original works,” he said.

Meanwhile, another new Pixar TV series animation,’Monsters at Walk’, will also be unveiled at Disney Plus this summer. Disney Plus, which has exceeded 100 million subscribers worldwide, is about to enter Korea.

Reporter Park Jin-young [email protected]

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